Understanding Your Journey

Good day to all,

Take a moment and think about your journey.

When celebrating past victories, don’t fixate on the outcome as much as what determined the outcome. Look at your focus. Look at your determination. Figure out the biggest reason for that win, so that you can do it again. Find out what made you “different” so we can chase that feeling.

When pondering on your losses, do so with your head high and mind sharp. This isn’t a time to mope around. This is the time to hone in on the slight changes you have to make to ensure the next time breeds more favorable results.

This isn‘t the only approach to bettering oneself, but it’s an option. The key is to come up with a formula and repeat.

Everything in life is determined by our ability to process what we’ve been through.

Do something nice today for someone else.

Love and blessings,

Dion Dawson


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