Dion's Chicago Dream was founded August 2020. Since inception, Dion's Chicago Dream has revitalized the nonprofit sector in Englewood. Through consistent nutritional offerings, community events and transparent and consistent communications, The Dream Team has fought back against the direct effects of Covid-19. With thousands of pounds of fresh fruits and vegetables provided to the community, our nutritional offerings have been effective, impressionable and stable for a community that lacking a myriad of things. Community events have brokered public trust and the visibility and accessibility of our organization has differentiated The Dream Team from other organizations.

The origins of Dion's Chicago Dream are rooted in our unchanging belief in leading with love as we fight hunger and food insecurity. After being founded in 2020, we took the first step in accountability toward that mantra. The core of our nonprofit efforts consists of bringing love, unity and hope to the Englewood community on Chicago's south side. Through passion, conviction and transparency, we feverishly strive to be the change we want to see, while giving others a nudge in the right direction.​

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